Caitlyn, ACA

Caitlyn is our part time animal care attendant. She grew up with her two older brothers and their dog Otto, always playing in their backyard. Caitlyn started to become interested in the veterinary field at a young age when a Veterinarian saved her family dogs life after a terrible car crash outside the front of their home. After hour of waiting they finally got the good news that Otto would be coming home, and that she would continue to live a long and happy life.

Caitlyn is currently attending Seneca College and in the middle of completing the Veterinarian Technician course there, since she has been old enough she has been volunteering with various animal clinics, and she is now more than happy to call this clinic a second home.

She spends her down time either at home studying with the help of her fur baby Tj, enjoying the outdoors or at her second job working at a small animal practice. For her caring for your loved ones is the most rewarding job there is and she is more than eager to begin her career as a Veterinary Technician once she graduates.