Dr. Ehab Malik

Dr. Ehab Malik

Dr. Malik received his degree in veterinary medicine in 1986. Since then Dr. Malik has worked as an emergency clinician and also did work for number of general practices in and outside the GTA. In 1995 he opened his own clinic and continues to work there. In 2012 he decided to go back to what he loved to do; emergency medicine and critical care.

Dr. Malik is a big advocate for continuing education and believes that there is no end to learning. He inherited this from his late father whom was a human surgeon. Dr. Malik senior was taking courses and learning until the day he passed away.

Dr. Malik has taken numerous courses in different areas of veterinary medicine; ultrasound, internal medicine, anesthesia, surgery, radiology, rehabilitation, stem cell and PRP therapy, endoscopy, emergency medicine and critical care. Most recently, he completed his Computed Tomography training at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine. He is a regular attendee of the Western Veterinary Conferences and the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care symposium. Dr. Malik is always looking for the most advance technology and techniques in the veterinary field.

His main areas of interest are ultrasound and emergency medicine. Before joining the Veterinary Emergency, Urgent Care & Referral Clinic of York Region, he had his own mobile ultrasound business where he visited numerous clinics and performed many ultrasounds and guided biopsies.

Out of work hours he loves spending time with his 2 daughters and his lovely furry friend Zaza. He also enjoy horseback riding, reading, good food and traveling. He gained a certificate in French cooking and loves to spend the time cooking for his family and friends.