Dr. Howaida (Heidi) Ibrahim

Dr. Heidi graduated from Mansoura University of Veterinary Medicine, Egypt, and earned her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After Dr. Heidi came to Canada she obtained her licenses to practice Veterinary Medicine in Canada as well as the United States. Dr. Heidi prides herself on always striving to practice the best possible medicine and providing the best care for our pets. She is moved by the animal human bond and a pets unconditional love for their owner. Dr. Heidi take special interest in all aspects of small animal medicine, including; wellness exams, dermatology, surgery, dentistry and emergency care. She believes that there are preventable problems such as obesity, behavior, urinary and dental disease. Dr. Heidi believes that a little education goes a long way!!

In her spare time, Dr. Heidi enjoys cooking, reading and  spending quality time with her daughters and her husband!