Emergency Services


Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region is located at 1210 Journey’s End Circle, Newmarket.

Appointments are never needed. Please walk in.



When your pet arrives at the hospital, your pet will be TRIAGED to assess the severity of the medical condition. This ensures that we address the needs of our more critical patients first. A veterinarian will examine your pet and consult with you in regards to your pet’s condition and any recommended diagnostic testing or treatments.

Please remember: We are an emergency clinic.  We know this is a stressful time for all pet parents.  Triage is a system of assessing patients and prioritizing them based on severity of emergency.  If you have concerns about your wait time, please speak with us immediately.  There’s no need to sit and worry.  We’re here to help you through the triage process.


Treatment Plans


After your pet has been assessed by our veterinarians, you will be given a treatment plan and shown all costs associated.  Please remember, our veterinarians must offer the best treatment plan for your pet, but ultimately, as a pet parent it is your decision what course of action is required to stabilize your family member.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your treatment plan, please discuss with the veterinarian on your case.  They would be more than happy to explain the course of treatment and why they feel it is necessary.

At Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region, we want to partner with you on your pets care and make decisions that are mutually satisfactory.


Understanding Payment Options



When the treatment plan has been discussed and cost of care reviewed with you, payment will be required in full.  Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region does not accept payment plans, however there are many options for payments through company’s such as:



Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region is happy to accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, debit and cash transactions.



Web-savvy pet owners can post emergency pet care expenses as a cause on one of a growing number of fundraising websites available to the public.




If you currently have pet insurance you will be required to pay your invoice in full and we will complete all necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If you do not have pet insurance, please consider investing in your pets health.  There are many insurers to choose from:


Pet Secure

PC Pet Insurance

Pet Care

Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance

Pets + Us


Discharging Your Pet


Your primary care veterinarian will provide follow-up care for your pet. Please contact them within 24 hours after your pet has been discharged from the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region to discuss ongoing care.

Your pet’s medical record from the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region will be forwarded to your primary veterinarian to facilitate continued care and to update your pet’s medical record at your primary veterinary clinic.


Any Balance due on account must be paid in full at time of pet discharge.