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The Veterinary Emergency, Urgent Care and Referral Clinic of York Region is excited to offer Veterinary Fluoroscopy to our wide range of specialty services!

Fluoroscopy is a dynamic imaging technique that offers real-time visualization of internal structures and functions within the body. While its benefits in diagnostics are well-known, its utility in guiding orthopedic surgeries cannot be overstated. Here’s how it revolutionizes our approach to orthopedic procedures:

  1. Precision in Surgical Planning: Fluoroscopy provides unparalleled visualization of the skeletal system, allowing for precise pre-operative planning. This enables us to accurately assess the extent of the injury or deformity and plan the surgical approach accordingly.
  2. Real-Time Guidance: During surgery, fluoroscopy provides continuous real-time imaging, allowing us to monitor the progress of the procedure and make adjustments as necessary. This real-time feedback ensures that the surgical corrections are performed with utmost precision.
  3. Minimally Invasive Techniques: With fluoroscopy guidance, we can perform minimally invasive orthopedic procedures with greater accuracy and safety. This includes procedures such as fracture reductions, joint stabilizations, and implant placements, which can be challenging with conventional surgical techniques alone.
  4. Optimal Postoperative Outcomes: By incorporating fluoroscopy into our orthopedic surgeries, we aim to achieve optimal postoperative outcomes for our patients. The precise nature of fluoroscopy-guided procedures minimizes tissue trauma, reduces surgical time, and promotes faster recovery.

The Veterinary Emergency, Urgent Care and Referral Clinic of York Region strongly believes that the addition of fluoroscopy-guided surgical services will greatly enhance our ability to provide advanced orthopedic care to our patients.

Please contact us at anytime for more information on this state of the art service!