CT services

New CT Services

The Veterinary Emergency Urgent Care and Referral Clinic of York Region is proud to offer state of the art Computed Tomography (CT) as one of our latest diagnostic tools!

CT uses x-rays to create multiple images of all tissue types inside the body. CT provides thin cross sectional “slices” for viewing. This form of imaging provides the radiologist with much more information about the patient than conventional radiography by eliminating the superimposition of structures that often complicates interpretation of radiographic studies as well as providing much more detailed images.

Common applications include:

    • Abdominal disorders (such as Cancer and kidney & Bladder stones)
    • Better assessment of cancer of the head, chest, abdomen and bony structures
    • Assist in radiation therapy and surgical planning
    • Confirm the presence of a tumor and measure its size, precise location and the extent of the tumors involvement with other nearby tissue
    • Better assessment of geriatric patients with balance issues.
    • Diagnose spinal problems and injuries to the skeletal structures because it can clearly show even very small bones as well as surrounding tissues such a blood vessels and muscle
    • Diagnose orthopedic abnormalities (ie. Elbow dysplasia)
    • Better assessment of the nasal cavity (ie. Chronic sneezing, nasal bleeding), Skull and internal and external ear canals.
    • Excellent assessment of trauma to the skull, spine, pelvis etc.
    • And much more!

If your veterinarian is recommending or if you think your pet may benefit from a CT, please call Veterinary Emergency, Urgent Care and Referral Clinic of York Region at 905.953.5351 to schedule an appointment.