What to expect

No appointments are required.

Although not necessary, a phone call before you arrive is appreciated and will help us prepare for your pet’s arrival.



When your pet arrives at the hospital, your pet will be TRIAGED to assess the severity of her/his medical condition. This ensures that we address the needs of our more critical patients first. A veterinarian will examine your pet and consult with you in regards to your pet’s condition and any recommended diagnostic testing or treatments.


Priority and Triage

We are an EMERGENCY CLINIC. We do not work on an appointment system. Our clinic practices TRIAGE, a system of assessing patients and prioritizing them based on the severity of their medical condition.



Pet emergencies are unpredictable and have a wide range of severity and urgency. We must therefore address the needs of our patients in order of medical priority.

Our veterinary technicians are well trained to assess the condition of your pet to ensure that the most critical patients get attention first. This means that patients that arrive after you may be seen before you.

We would appreciate your patience and understanding with the TRIAGE system and can assure you that your pet will receive the same level of attention as a patient that may be placed ahead of your pet due to the urgency of its condition.


Thank You

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this regard.